Wydale Plastics was founded in 1992 by dairy farmers Robin and Heather Wyatt.

Robin invented the calf feeder and had it manufactured before deciding he could make them himself. Robin designed an oven, had it built by a local fabricator and went on a crash course to learn rotational moulding. Once Robin finished milking he would start moulding in the calf shed. New products and contract moulding took over and eventually the farming stopped.

We now have 8 rotational moulding ovens with over 60 employees. We manufacture a range of water tanks from 4 to 5,500 litres and have a wide range of agricultural products. The calf feeders are still being made, alongside feeding troughs and milk mixers, ATV accessories and yard scrapers. We can also design and manufacture tooling for contract moulding and have a broad customer base including leisure, sporting, the built environment and marine uses.

About Wydale Plastics Limited curve

Our Process

Design process

CAD design

We work with the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) equipment to produce traditional 2 D plans and life like 3 dimensional images. Once the drawings are approved the tooling can be manufactured.

Bespoke tooling

Bespoke tooling

We have a dedicated team of tool makers who produce the tools from sheets of steel.

Polymer material

Polymer material

Usually a medium density polyethylene powder. Polypropylene and recycled polyethene can also be used.

Rotational moulding process

Rotational Moulding

The tools are put into an oven, where they are heated whilst being rotated , then cooled. The product is then removed.

Finishing process

Finishing process

The moulding is finished to the customer specification. Inlets and outlets are opened up and any rough edges smoothed down. Lids are fitted. Quality checks are made.

Finished product

Final product

The finished product is packed with any extra accessories like taps or fitting kits for dispatch worldwide.

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