Water Storage Tanks

We are one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of storage tanks from 4 to 5,500 litres.  Most commonly used as a water storage tank but suitable for a variety of uses including chemical storage tanks, please contact us for more information.  All our storage tanks are rotationally moulded polyethylene (MDPE Medium Density Polyethylene) that creates a high quality, tough and durable product that will provide many years of use.  Our larger water tanks are baffled to add strength and reduce water movement.  The storage tanks have a wide range of uses including:

  • Water tank
  • Baffled water tank
  • Chemical tank
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Car valeting tank
  • Window cleaning tank
  • Potable drinking water tank  (most tanks are made from WRAS approved polymer)
  • Trailer tank
  • Water bowser
  • Food grade tank
  • Camper / motorhome tank

Most tanks are fitted with a brass or nickle plated brass BSP threaded insert to allow easy connection of fittings and pipework, additional plastic BSP sockets can be fusion welded into the tanks.  Standard tanks are made from semi-transluscent polymer but a wide range of colours are also available to order.  Lids can be either vented or unvented depending on the application.

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